Pure culture

Salzburg is also famous as “the” cultural city of Austria. Decisive here is primarily the annual Salzburg Festival. During the festival period in July and August and at Easter and Whitsun, celebrities and guests from all over the world arrive to experience the numerous theatre performances, operas and concerts of the highest standard. The international and high-class festival has become a trademark of Salzburg and the “Jedermann” performance is the highpoint of the entire superlative cultural events.

Perhaps even more important is a man for whom Salzburg has much to thank. We speak naturally of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

His presence is all pervasive in Salzburg, but at the same time he is never obtrusive or placed too much in the foreground – but every visitor knows that Salzburg is still “his” city. Visit the birthplace of the great composer and definitely do not forget to try the confectionary delicacy known as the “Mozartkugel”.